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1200 MM 19 W Transparent LED Tube

Type fluorescent lamp or fluorescent lamp is a type of lamp that is widely used by the working principles of electrical discharge. This lamp is able to convert electrical energy into light by his fluorescent ultra-violet radiation on surfaces coated with fluorescent powder such as type of phosphorus that can illuminate the house and have the staying power long enough to reach 10 years or more. To be able to turn on the lamp requires voltage approximately 400 volts, so the starter function also to creating tools for the lamp ignition voltage.

To maintain the working voltage of this lamp is used a tool called ballast. which serves to limit large currents and operate the lamp at the appropriate electrical characteristics. This lamp is widely used by the community because it has higher efficiency lighting that is larger than other types of incandescent lamps that only converted into heat energy only. But there are also disadvantages, namely:

* Prices are more expensive

* Requires ballast, in the presence of this ballast will cause loss of power on its own ballast, a substantial loss

* The low price of labor factor (Cos φ) because the type of fluorescent lamp ballasts which use conventional types of inductors (coils).


T8 LED tube light
Model Description
N-T276S1 Power: 19 W

Input voltage: AC85-265 V

LED Quantity: 276 pcs SMD

Luminous flux: 1550lm+-5%

Color temperature: 2800 K-7000 K
Life-span : 50000 hours

Tube Material : Aluminium PCB and Housing & PC Cover

Packing size:1250*225*185mm

20 pcs/box
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Warranty 3 years warranty , 3 months guarantee for replacement.
Freight covered by Nantonin if happen product itself quality problem.

Product Dimension

Spectroptocolorimeter Test Report