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Solar Applications
Solar energy absorbed by the earth that is as much as 120 thousand terawatt. In principle as a solar power plant in two ways:

* Production of steam with the mirror fields are used to drive turbines. Large solar power plants.
* Changing the solar rays into electricity with solar cell photovoltaik. Portable solar power plants / small.

Solar power can be applied as follows: street lighting, solar power

* Solar power for lighting at home.                                      
* Solar power for lighting at street (PJU)
* Solar power for lighting garden lamps
* Solar power as a power source for CCTV cameras.
* Solar power as a power source for the installation of wireless (WiFi), radio transmitters, communication tools.
* Solar power to the device signal trains, ships.
* Solar power for homes swallow, irrigation, water pumps.
* Solar power as a portable power supply
* Solar power for heating to drive turbines to generate electricity such as solar power in Nevada USA.
* Solar power as an energy source for satellite devices.

as solar panels solar power panels at the airport