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Flow Monitor Solar Cell, Battery Voltage, Performance Systems

Planning solar power plants consider the following:

* The amount of power required in everyday use (Watt).
* How large is the resulting flow of solar cell (in Ampere hour), in this case, considering how many solar cell to be installed.
* How many units of batteries required for the desired capacity and consideration of the use without sunlight. (Ampere hour).

Solar Cell Power Systems, generates an electric current into the battery and store. Necessary measuring device for monitoring the flow of the resulting solar cell, and the use by the load. In this case the current from the batteries used by the load.

Ampere meter to measure the charging solar cell. Volt meter used to measure battery voltage, indicating how many discharge from the battery. Her measurements are as follows:
% Full Charge
100% 12.7
90% 12.6
80% 12.5
70% 12.3
60% 12.2
50% 12.1
40% 12.0
30% 11.9
20% 11.8
10% 11.7
Discharge 11.6 or less

At the time of measurement did not notice that at the time of charging and discharging occurs. So the measurement should be done early morning when there is no charging and no usage.

Batteries are often used for more than 40% - 50% will reduce the lifetime. So note the use of planning and calculation of battery power is two times the wattage.

Use a digital meter, because it is more accurate. Digital meters price approximately Rp. 300 000 - Rp. 750 000. Then for digital multi-meter price is varied from 2 million rupiah or more.