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Lighting Street PJU ( Street Lighting)

LED-based roadway lighting uses less power. LED street lighting and solar cell, is a cordless electric street lighting. It is suitable for areas far from the reach of electricity, electrical wiring installation to be not economical, and easy installation.
Some consideration of the use of solar cells based street light / solar cell and LED:

* Endurance devices and solar cell and LED lights
* Without power cable network, is independent
* No damage to the facility by digging a cable
* Without treatment
* Installation is very easy
* Ease of removal

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Street lighting pole heights have different, ranging from 5m s / d 14m spaced poles ranging from 15m s / d 40m depending on the height of poles, type of lamp and the electric power which is proportional to the strength of the light.

The selected light color roadway lighting is usually categorized as 'warm light' is not 'cool light'. Cool, light or white color is identical with a cursory much brighter, but for bad weather such as smoke, fog, drizzle and downpour of color 'cool light' is not recommended. Whereas 'warm light' which is identical to the color yellow was chosen because of safety problems. In bad weather conditions it can still be translucent yellow color to the retina of our eyes.

Least one bright light is usually measured in units of lumens which is a unit of flux luminasi. Meanwhile, when the lighting device is mounted, the forces of light (illumination on average) until the object is usually measured in units of lux or lumen/m2. For street lighting applications (PJU) usually is measured in lux per how many meters height of the light source to the measuring instrument. PJU examples which have a flux of 6075 lumens luminasi illumination has an average of 15 lux / 10m.

To accommodate energy saving lamps for street lighting (PJU), energy saving lamps with long lifetime LED technology to the dipakailah PJU. Durability could be s / d 50 000 hours with a DC power source, compared with artificial air-conditioning energy saving lamp that in fact the famous brand can only survive a few thousand hours with greater power consumption. With a length of lamp replacement interval means also save operating costs for the service cost for the replacement bulbs only.