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Lampu Led Rumah
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Lampu LED memiliki efisiensi yang lebih banyak dibandingkan dengan lampu pijar/ tungsten, maupun lampu fluorescent. Lampu LED tidak menghasilkan panas seperti lampu pijar, tidak merusak kesehatan seperti lampu fluorescent,dan lebih tahan lama. 1 Watt lampu LED menghasilkan 100 lumen. Kekurangan lampu LED adalah masih mahal
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Highlight LED Lights
LED floodlights use to save electricity
flood led flood led
Warm/ White
Power (Watt) 
33 56
Voltage (V)
110 - 220
Lamp perspective 
180 degree 
120 degree
LEMS total flux
2000 LX
3500 LX
2000 LX 3500 LX
Size (cm)
22.5 x 18.5 x 12.5
28.6 x 23.5 x 15
22.5 x 18.5 x 12.5 28.6 x 23.5 x 15
Weight (Kg) 2.74
2.45 3.75
IP Value

LED lights More Good than CFL lamps

LED lights have a lifespan more than 35,000 hours, compared with CFL lamps (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) which only 6,000 hours. Note the CFL light box, usually written with the use of 4 hours a day (at 6 pm - 10 pm) CFL lamps lasting more than 4 years (4 years x 365 days x 4 hours = 5840 hours. Means with the same calculation would hold CFL Lamp 24 years.

Now in terms of price, the price of good quality CFL Lamp 8 Watt is approximately Rp. 28.000. 3 Watt LED lamp price is around Rp. 120,000. So the price of LED lights approximately 4 times more expensive than CFL lamps while endurance is more than 6 times.

By using less energy, which is very interesting offerings. CFL Lamp 8 Watt equivalent to 3 Watt LED lamp. Standards of efficient CFL lamps have a 14-17 Lumens / Watt (Lumens is the measure of light by the human eye). LED lights have a 60-100 Lumens / Watt. With LED light 3 x 60 Watt Lumens = 180 Lumens, 8 x 17 Watt CFL Lumes = 136 Lumens.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is operated with direct current (Direct Current) 12 Volt. LED lights also can be operated using alternating current (Alternating Current) 100-240 volt (electricity for the house). For that LED lights have an internal circuit (converter) to convert AC into DC. Heat arising from the conversion, because it is on AC LED lights generally you can see the cooling fins.

Small LED lights use a small current, in the example above, 3 Watt LED lamp size of two millimeters x 2 millimeters. For rooms that require greater illumination light is needed more light (lumens). For that it must be enlarged size LEDs, LED growing lack of heat is generated. Another solution is to multiply the little LEDs in parallel.

LED lights are also suitable for use in decoration flickering on and off). Lifespan (survival) are not affected to the LEDs on and off.

Other LED Implementation:
* LED light for street lighting (street lighting PJU)
* Traffic lights and warning lights (red light yellow green, yellow lights flickering, OBL)
* Lamp garden with solar power (without power cable)
* Flashlight and emergency lights (due to energy saving, longer battery used)

Size of Base D60XH145mm Power: 5x1W
Material of  Lampshade PC、 glass、 diffuse material Color White
Shade Surface: Matte / Pearl Face / cream / transparent Frequency:50-60Hz
Shade Shape: Round / pointed / candle-shaped / mushroom Voltage:AC85-265V
Material of shell High-quality aluminum Light rate: More than 92.8%
Surface treatment Anodization /Wired-Drawing Angle:15-80°
Color Silver Colour temperature:3000-10000K
Base E27/MR16/GU10 Luminous Flux:Single pcs LED65-150Lm
Drive control Built-in constant current source Lifetime :35000Hours
BN-120 E-27 high-power lamp cup 110-220V 3*1W F50*50mm Aluminum White, Yellow
BN-118 E-27 high-power lamp cup 110-220V 1*1W F55*67mm Aluminum White, Yellow
BN-108 MR-16 high-power lamp cup 12V 1*3W F50*55mm Aluminum White, Yellow

1200 MM 19 W Transparent LED Tube

Type fluorescent lamp or fluorescent lamp is a type of lamp that is widely used by the working principles of electrical discharge. This lamp is able to convert electrical energy into light by his fluorescent ultra-violet radiation on surfaces coated with fluorescent powder such as type of phosphorus that can illuminate the house and have the staying power long enough to reach 10 years or more. To be able to turn on the lamp requires voltage approximately 400 volts, so the starter function also to creating tools for the lamp ignition voltage.

To maintain the working voltage of this lamp is used a tool called ballast. which serves to limit large currents and operate the lamp at the appropriate electrical characteristics. This lamp is widely used by the community because it has higher efficiency lighting that is larger than other types of incandescent lamps that only converted into heat energy only. But there are also disadvantages, namely:

* Prices are more expensive

* Requires ballast, in the presence of this ballast will cause loss of power on its own ballast, a substantial loss

* The low price of labor factor (Cos φ) because the type of fluorescent lamp ballasts which use conventional types of inductors (coils).


T8 LED tube light
Model Description
N-T276S1 Power: 19 W

Input voltage: AC85-265 V

LED Quantity: 276 pcs SMD

Luminous flux: 1550lm+-5%

Color temperature: 2800 K-7000 K
Life-span : 50000 hours

Tube Material : Aluminium PCB and Housing & PC Cover

Packing size:1250*225*185mm

20 pcs/box
Price Inquiry E-mail

Warranty 3 years warranty , 3 months guarantee for replacement.
Freight covered by Nantonin if happen product itself quality problem.

Product Dimension

Spectroptocolorimeter Test Report

Energy Saver LVD Lamp

Energy Saving Lamp LVD Equivalent to PJU and Flood Light / Lamp Highlight

LVD is induction lamps can be used to replace street lighting lamps and floodlights PJU flood light. This is because the high efficiency, with Watt LVD smaller produce the same light with Metal Halide lamps (mhl) and Sodium lamps with larger Watt. Another plus is the lifetime of up to 100 000 hours.

The advantages of LVD lamp:

* Lumen effisiasi high, the results of new research technology. Bright colors.
* Without the use of electrodes enhances the lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.
* Lights can direct the light in accordance with specifications. Without a flicker.

Long endurance can be achieved without the electrodes, the energy required in the transfer in the form of an electromagnet from the outside light into the tube lights. Effisiasi watt high and low yield lower temperatures.

Imagine a fluorescent lamp, comprising a kind of veil of phosphorus glass filled with mercury gas. Fluorescent lamp electrode to emit ultraviolet radiation in the tube that produces white phosphorus. Every time the electricity supplied from the ballast to the electrodes, reducing the durability of the electrode. LVD lamps do not use high-frequency generator with a power coupler. Radio-frequency generator produces a magnetic field to emit ultraviolet radiation in the tube lamp.
LVD Lamp Generator

LVD Lamp components consist of:

* Lamp LVD
* Magnetic Generator

LVD Induction Lamp Application

LVD induction lamp is suitable for energy saving and high places are hard to reach, such as: high for the factory lights, spotlights, lighting, street / PJU, tunnels, and refrigerators.


LVD Lamp PJU                            LVD Lamp tunnel                                      LVD Higlights Lamp

LVD Lamp for Factory

Calculation of Use for Lamp LVD Lamp PJU with  Solar Cell

In addition to power saving and light that can be given by the light LVD, LVD lamps are also suitable for use as public street lighting with solar cells independent PJU / solar cell.

Lumen 2400 ~ 2800

40 W
12 Volt DC
Long Operation
12 hours
Total KWh
(40 + 10) x 12 = 600 = 0.6 
Solar Cells
130 WP
Total voltage solar cells (KWh) 
130 x 5 hours =  650 = 0.65
Battery (12 Volt 100 Ah)
Calculation of Usage 30%
2 batteries x 100 Ah 
Charge controller
10 A

Comparison of LVD Lamps - Metal Halid - Sodium

LVD™ Induction Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium
Life Hours 100,000 6,000~20,000 24,000
Lumen Efficacy Photopic Efficacy: 150 Plm/W Photopic Efficacy: 110 Plm/W Photopic Efficacy: 90 Plm/W
(Plm: Pupil Lumen) Traditional Efficacy: 80 Lm/W Traditional Efficacy: 75 Lm/W Traditional Efficacy: 120 Lm/W
Depreciation 5% @ 2,000 Hours 40% @ 2,000 Hours 30% @ 2,000 Hours
Rate %
Operating <80°F >300° F >350° F
CRI >80 (Ra) 65~80 (Ra) 60 (Ra)
Re-strike Instant Needs up to 10~15 minutes Needs up to 10~15 minutes
Flicker None Much Much
Glare None Much Much
Environmental No Mercury Contains mercury Contains mercury
Safety No lamp waste in 10 years waste over 10 years waste over 10 years
Metal Halide Lamp High Pressure Sodium

Savings comparison of LVD and Metal Halide Lamp

Lighting system Unit HPI-T 250W LVD 80W
No. of Luminaires pcs 59.00 59.00
No of lamps per luminaire pcs 1.00 1.00
Configuration W 250W 80W
Circuit wattage per luminaire W 266.00 81W
? Aircon loading per luminaire W 50.00 1.00
Total circuit wattage per luminaire W 316.00 81.00
Estimated Annual hours burned hrs 4,320.00 4,320.00
Total circuit wattage kW 18.64 4.78
Annual energy consumed kWh 80,542.08 20,645.28
Economic lamp life (80% inst. lum. flux) hrs 8,000.00 100,000.00
Annual energy costs Rp 104,704,704.00 26,838,864.00
Annual lamp costs Rp 0.00 0.00
Annual operating costs Rp 0.00 0.00
Annual savings Rp 0.00 77,865,840.00
Saving as % of conv. operation cost % 0.00 74.37


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